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About Our Coven

We named our coven Dragon's Weyr from our HP's teacher's coven, also named for Dragons, to honor her and all that she has given to Ariadne and her family through her sharing of wisdom and knowledge. The name Weyr, because it means home, and our new coven was formed when Ariadne and her husband Mikhael moved to the Antelope Valley of California. It also helps that Ariadne likes Anne McCaffrey's books! Ours is a secret tradition, it is bound by oath. Our Novices are initiated before joining us in ritual and initiation only comes after a minimum year and a day of study with a teacher.

We are choosy who we teach, we prefer to teach people we know and who will be a good "fit" in the coven. It is a great commitment to join a coven, which is the only way to learn our tradition, coven work is a part of the training. We are demanding on our students, we require that they attend all the rituals and classes, and do the work assigned to them by their teacher. It's not easy work, and many people do not finish their first year. However, we know from the beginning that our way is not the only way, and it's also not the way for everyone, and we encourage others to meet other covens and see how they do work. We do NOT do online classes or online work. To join our group, you MUST live in the area or be willing to drive on a (sometimes more than) bi-monthly basis.

We do not seek students by the internet. This site is here solely for informational purposes, as well as networking with others in our community. We are devoted to Community here in the Antelope Valley. Ariadne is a member of the AV Human Relations Task Force, as well as an active member of the AV Interfaith Council. She is also the founder of the Antelope Valley Pagans email group and moots.

We are proud of our hive covens, Coven Tir Nathrac in the Antelope Valley, and Circle of the Ancient Oaks, in Saugus, and gather with them for our coven's two major events Candlemas and Hallows, as well as other events from time to time during the year. Both covens are autonomous practicing the same tradition as they were taught from Ariadne.

Open Circles

We have Open Circles, on the New Moon, for healing, enabling us to invite people who are uninitiated in our tradition to join us. (If you are interested in such Circles, you need to meet us at a Moot or other gathering and let us know you are interested. We hold such circles at our covenstead and invite only those we have gotten to know.) You can find dates of our New Moon Circles on our calendar of events, below under links. These are non-tradition-specific circles, which are held for the purpose of doing work for healing of others with permission. It is a good way to learn about energy in circle if you do not have experience working in a group.All open minded pagan folk are welcome at healing circle, solitaries, and other coven members. We ask only that you only bring positive energy for healing.

Our Members

Our coven includes Ariadne and her High Priest Mikhael, and several other initiates, in our circle as practioners at this time. There are some novices in the wings, this year too. We are close knit group ... But many of us attend Healing Circle or other Antelope Valley Pagan events.

About Ariadne Morningstar,HPs

I am 44, Pisces, and have been studying Wicca and Witchcraft since 1987. For more information please see our training page. And for some of Ariadne's Opinions, click here for her Opinions page(s).

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News and Updates!

12-20-2011 after a catastrophic crash, have uploaded entire site again from ancient back up. Please let me know if links are broken and I'll do my best to fix them.

11/21/08 Updated photo and greeting for season

3/4/08 Updated home page with new age for HPs. :)

1/18/08- Added info on hive covens to home page. Classes coming soon at Midsummer Fairies

12/2007- Updated Training pages and the caption on the above photo. Read carefully to find the changes. Calendar should be updated soon, too, bear with us as we work on getting our house ready for New Year's Eve.

9/7/07 Added ritual for Columbia which includes military quarter calls

6/11/05 Added 2 essays to Opinions page an Asatru story and Oak/Holly King story

10/5/04 Updates to Calendar Pages


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